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Will Lace Wigs Destroy My Hairline?

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Our hairline is the most delicate part of our hair and unfortunately the one area that usually takes the biggest beating. It’s an area we often take for granted until we’ve done near irreversible damage. We usually start brushing our hair from the hairline, it’s where we first apply hair products, it’s the first thing to get snatched when our hair is braided and unfortunately it’s the first thing people notice when the hair is gone.

Wigs are a great protective style, but the question still remains, will wearing a lace front damage my hairline? The answer is NO! But in order for that to be a true statement, the proper steps need to be taken by you! If the lace is applied and removed properly, your edges will come out unscathed. However, if done improperly you will run the risk of not only damaging your edges but you could develop hair loss due to tension or even traction alopecia.

What is considered improper? Some examples are: Placing the adhesive on the hairline instead of in front of the hairline; and rushing to take off the lace front without being delicate and using patience. Here are a few tips on how to preserve your hairline while wearing lace wigs.

Proper application and removal

1. Proper application may take some time at first. In the beginning, have a hair professional install and remove your unit and walk you through how to do it on your own.

2. If you’re using an adhesive with a long lasting hold, don’t remove the unit daily. The constant application and removal of long lasting adhesive, especially if not removed properly, can lead to significant hairline damage.

3. Use an adhesive remover with the same degree of strength as your adhesive. 99% Alcohol soaked cotton balls are also great for removing adhesive. It will break down the tape residue or glue into balls you can gently wipe from your hairline and face. Apply the remover to the hairline of your unit before removing it to ensure that it lifts up gently and doesn’t take any of your hair out.

4. DO NOT wet or shampoo your hair until after ALL of the adhesive has been removed. Using water will cause whichever adhesive you’ve used to harden or get stickier.

Give me a break

Be sure to give your hair a break between lace front uses, braiding and/or hair extension installation. It allows your hairline to breathe.

Switch it up

If you are using a lace front as a protective style you can also:

1. Wear extensions or a glueless wig in between lace applications to give your hair follicles a break from glue and tape.

2. Style your own hair in a protective style

3. Wear a hat. No, seriously! This may not be an option for the workweek but on the weekend, give your hair a much needed rest from styling all together and choose a stylish cover.

Educate yourself
Education is key when it comes to maintaining your hairline. Be knowledgeable about the product, the process, and maintenance. This alone will save you a whole lot of hairline drama. There are many styling errors that can cause damage to your edges but when you’re armed with the right tools and information, there’s no reason you should ever suffer this fate.

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