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What is a Virgin Lace Wig?

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What is a Virgin Lace Wig?

Have you ever wondered how movie stars can change their hair game so effortlessly and still keep it looking natural? You might see them in a jet black Hallie Berry short-do on the red carpet and then a loose-wave shoulder length blonde do for an interview the next night! And what about their own hair? How are they maintaining and protecting it while subjecting it to so much coloring and styling? Is it possible for the average female to find the same natural-looking versatility at affordable prices?

We’ve got your answers.

For professional ladies who like to keep it classy and still keep em guessing about what you will rock next, the secret is opting for a quality, stylish virgin full lace wig. What is that, you ask? I’m glad to provide you with the answer. Let’s break it down.

Virgin- Yep, like never been touched. Think healthy, unprocessed, and natural- all qualities found in great wigs and hair extensions. Because it is real hair that has not been subjected to chemicals or synthetic materials, a virgin hair will give you the option to style, cut AND color it to the nine without compromising the look of the hair.

Lace- Again, just like it sounds, these units come completely covered with fine lace material designed to become practically invisible. With a little measuring, skillful placement and cutting, you’ll have the appearance of your natural hairline making your unit undetectable. And since you have chosen to invest in quality already, we recommend seeking help from a professional for your blending and styling. But once you have this step out of the way, the sky is the limit. Do you like to keep it professional during the workweek? Opt for an off-the-face half-up, half down do. Want to rock a classic updo to a formal event next weekend? Go for it. Like to let it flow during happy hour on Thursdays? You’ve got it, girl! The options abound, so let your creativity flow.

Wig. Now don’t be fooled! This ain’t nothing like grandma’s wig from years ago. Modern units offer natural-looking versatility. Units can be held in place with combs, and your hair is fully protected. Virgin full lace wigs offer the highest quality and styling flexibility. And with a little customization, no one will even suspect you are wearing a human hair unit. There is such a wide assortment of textures, colors and styles and you always have the option to customize and make your unit your own. Wigs still require washing and other basic maintenance, but virgin full lace wigs are now more accessible and affordable than ever before. Free same-day shipping has become an industry norm, so get started finding your new look today!

Are you new to human hair wigs? Or are you thinking of making your first virgin lace wig purchase? Let us know in the comments below if you still have questions that you’d like to have answered! We always look forward to hearing from you.

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