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Using Lace Wigs As A Protective Hairstyle

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Ladies, how many mornings do you wish you could snap your fingers and have an amazing hairstyle appear with little to no effort? How many nights do you wish you could skip the work that goes into preparing your hair for styling the next morning? Well, wish no more! Keep reading to learn more about wearing lace wigs as a protective style and all the glorious benefits of these low maintenance and versatile time savers.

Save the Tresses
Protective hairstyling is not only an increasingly attractive option for black women, but for anyone experiencing difficulty styling their hair, has damage concerns, or those focused on hair growth. These beautiful lace wigs are instrumental in avoiding heat related damage and permanent chemical alterations.

There are PLENTY of lace wig style options to choose; from boy cuts to Diana Ross realness. What is better than time to heal or grow your natural hair out, while still having fun with hairstyles in the meantime?

Color is a Girl’s Best Friend
Whether from personal experience or as a first hand witness, we all know the drama of dye. Color is the best way to really switch up your look but lace wigs offer this option minus the drama! Consider a synthetic wig if you’re not ready to invest in bold color with a human hair unit. But remember to choose a color that is complimentary to your skin tone and brow color. Violet hair can be one woman’s break-out star moment and another’s tragic misstep.

Your first time out in a colorful lace wig, you’ll be full of confidence knowing you have a fun new look that is a healthy substitute to chemically altering your hair. Not only will you have the drastic color change to freshen up your style, but using lace wigs as a protective hairstyling option is the safest method for drastic color change.

Be Faux Real!
It is important to choose a protective wig that looks naturally attractive. As stated above, there are plenty of lace wig options to choose from but you’ll want to choose a look that garners stares of envy not horror. First, the hairline is everything! Make sure the hairline of your wig is complimentary to your own. Consider a custom lace wig if you have an unusual hairline.

Another concern is how long is too long? I am glad you asked! If the goal is to be realistically beautiful then consider 16 inches or shorter. But if your life motto is “Imma-a-diva” then by all means rock your 24+ inches!

Afro and Kinky and Straight – Oh My!
Have you recently undergone or considering taking the “big chop” plunge? This can be a liberating and beautiful moment. Still, it’s a brave new world of endless questions prompted by the new reality of this transitional period. After weighing all of your options, give some thought to lace front wigs. They serve as a safe alternative if you need a daily styling option while you focus on protection and growing out any chemically treated hair; and you can ‘test-drive’ various lengths and textures before fully committing.

Lace wigs come in so many texture options; discover what a kinky, natural straight or afro curl will look like on you. Whether you want to maintain your natural look while your hair is safely braided up, maintain the look of relaxed hair or if you want to test drive what you believe your natural hair pattern will be – lace wigs offer that flexibility.

Know Your Stuff
Regardless of your motive to wear one, lace wigs are simply another tool in your stay-stylish toolkit. Research the wig company you chose to do business with. Seek referrals from friends and stylist who are familiar with lace wigs. Not all wigs are the same so understand the maintenance that’s needed for various types of lace wigs. Also, seek a professional if you decide to use adhesives to apply your wig or skip the adhesives and choose a wig with bangs! After all, if you decide on a lace wig as a first time user, you want to get the most out of the experience!

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