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The Do's and Don'ts of Hair Color

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Now that it’s spring, it seems like everyone is looking for a way to change their hair color. Of course you can always play with various colors with a tried and true lace front wig. This eliminates any possible chemical damage and gives you the freedom to try multiple colors until you get it just right. However if you have a trusted stylist or colorist and it’s your preference, you can color your own hair! Deciding to color your hair or going with a wig can be a simple enough decision. The more difficult question is what color will work best for you?

Current hair color trends include fire red and chestnut brown, sun kissed blonde to blue black. From bold and sassy to safe and classic, the choices abound, but the trick to picking one that suits you is to find the color that enhances your natural complexion. Check out our suggestions on how to do so.


DO: Bright reds look great on lighter complexions and so do warm browns. If you’re feeling daring you can try two popular off beat colors like lavender or blue. As always, with any new color choice, you’ll want to work with a colorist to be sure you find just the right shade to make your face glow!

DON’T: Whatever you do, don’t go too far into the extremes as the goal is to make a bold statement without scaring anyone to death (think Addams Family’s Morticia). Colors like jet black can be aging and exaggerate your already fair complexion.

CAUTION: If your skin has a yellow hue, you’ll want to be careful with colors in the same shade: orange, gold and select blonds may wash you out.


DO: You can also try the same colors that would look great on fair complexions. Dark brown and off black can be stunning on you and don’t be afraid to try ombre color with dark roots that fade into something light.

DON’T: It’s rarely a good idea to go with a color that’s close to your skin color. When it comes to color for you, go big or go home. Make bold choices or stick with your natural hair color. If you do decide to go blonde stay clear of colors like strawberry blond. It’s a bold choice, but one that would likely wash you out.

CAUTION: Be careful with red shades. While it can be stunning, if you opt for something with black undertones, it can bring out the yellow in your skin in an unflattering way.


DO: Deep red (think garnet or ruby) and jet black complement this complexion well, while the right shade of silver can yield a show stopping contrast not easily beat.

DON’T: Like the pigment in your skin, most people with dark skin tones also have naturally richly pigmented hair, which makes lightening the color difficult at best and dangerous at worst. That said, light colors like deep blonde are typically a no-go for full head color. Limit these dramatic choices to a few highlights if you simply can’t resist.

CAUTION: We understand if bold color choices aren’t exactly your thing. However, be careful with soft color shades like medium brown. While the color can be lovely, it tends to wash darker complexion out.


These are just a few general tips to consider while thinking over your potential color change. Hair color is a personal choice and if you feel beautiful, then you’ve gotten it right. Remember synthetic wigs can be a great cost effective choice to test the truly bold colors you may not be ready to try on your own hair. We’re on Facebook and Instagram as “Platinum Wigs” if you’d like to upload pictures of you in a color that’s fresh and new! For more color advice you can also visit us here. Leave your comments below if you have tips or ideas of your own to add!

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