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THE DIY Guide to Cutting & Styling Your Wig

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You think you’d like to try cutting your own wig? Bravo you brave go-getter! But let’s begin by proceeding with caution. Of course you know your wig hair will most definitely not grow back and if you’ve never cut any hair before we’d suggest starting with an old practice wig or an inexpensive synthetic unit. Read on to get our tips on becoming the world’s greatest layer cutting diva! - Or maybe just better than you are right now ;)

1. Pick Your Tool

  1. Short blades (5”) are great for cutting small areas where you need to be precise.

Sec1 A scissor blog021814

B. Long blades (6”+) are great when you need to make the big chop and if you prefer to cut the hair over your knuckles. You only move your thumb when using these scissors.

Sec1 B scissor blog021814

C. Texturizing scissors will enable you to cut layers into the hair with a soft edge

Sec1 C scissor blog021814

2. Selfie Love

Sec2 selfie blog021814

Please do not reach for the kitchen scissors, your craft scissors, the sewing kit scissors or basically any pair of scissors that are not specifically for cutting hair. You will most definitely NOT achieve your desired look using the wrong pair of scissors. We could write for hours about how to select the perfect pair of scissors but here are the top 3 things we think you should keep in mind when selecting your hair cutting tools:

If you want to know how to get anywhere you’ll need a map and you should definitely have a map when cutting your wig. Take a picture of the wig on you and be sure it is properly centered on your head in exactly the way you plan to wear it! Get a good picture from the front, both sides and the back. Print out the pictures and draw guide lines.

3. Set Up Shop

Sec3 shop blog021814

Make sure you have your tool(s) assembled; your picture “maps” on the wall and have your unit on a wig head in front of a mirror. Also, be sure that the wig head has been padded (consider using tape) to be the same size as your own head. That last step is important because if you skip it, the layers are not going to fall in the same way they did on your head.

4. Divide and Concur

Sec4 divide blog021814

    1. Divide the hair into a front section (part at each temple and at the crown/center of your head)
    2. Use a hair clip to tie back each side section which should be even and symmetrical
    3. You can also tie an optional center back section
    4. Leave the lower back section hanging down. You will not be cutting layers in at the back.

5. Chop it Up

Sec5 chop blog021814

  1. Take the front section of hair between your fingers and hold it at a 90 degree angle. Slide your fingers to the ends of the hair at an angle and lower your hand to the front of your face. Cut the hair at an angle and cut according to where you want the first layers to hit. A typical starting point for layers is at the earlobes or jawline.
  2. Use the same technique with each side. Hold the hair up to the sides of your face at an angle. With the hair between your middle and forefinger slide your fingers down to the ends of the hair and cut at an angle. Be sure each side has the same
  3. With the top and side sections done, unclip the optional center section. Trim this area so that it matches the longest length of the side hair.
  4. The last area is the lower back section which you can trim if necessary, otherwise, you can leave it as-is.

Now remember Platinum Pretties, practice makes perfect! If you LOVED the outcome of your first try, congratulations! If you see areas in need of improvement, try again! If you’re really skilled in the art of faux real hair, you can also add extensions to your wig to add the length that you may have mistakenly cut. Do share your results and feel free to let us know if you improved on our techniques in the comments section below!

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