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The Business of Being Fabulous: 10 Wig Tips for Today's Professional Woman

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#1 Invest In You:

High quality human hair wigs have cuticles that are kept intact and hair that is hand tied to the cap. Virgin hair can be colored to your preference and the density can be as voluminous as your heart’s desire. Don’t be afraid to invest in you and your beauty regime because you only get one chance to make a first impression.


#2 Customization!

You know better than anyone that a great suit off the rack can be fabulous. But a great suit in the hands of a tailor can be a customized dream! Having a custom wig made especially for you means you get celebrity style glamor without the commitment of changing your own hair. Use our quick and easy guide to measure for your best fit!


#3 A Girls Best Friend!

If you’ve opted for a custom wig, then the hair has likely been styled on a mannequin. Go a step further and let your trusted stylist make minor adjustments to make sure it perfectly frames YOUR face. Pssst! Here’s another secret – ask your stylist to lengthen the hair with extensions if you change your mind about a cut that was too short.


#4 Confidence is Key

With the right attitude, you can pull off anything. With full lace and silk top caps your wig is virtually undetectable. So swing that hair like the diva you are and don’t give onlookers a second thought. Own It!


#5 Pull It Out

If you're budget conscious and a silk top cap is not a possibility right now, one tried and true styling tip for an undetectable look is this – blend! That's right, pull your hair out at the front and blend it in with the hair from your unit.


#6 It Takes Two

When you’re visiting your stylist for your regular maintenance visit, make an appointment for two! Take your wig and have it refreshed during your visit or leave it with your stylist for your maintenance. Whether it’s a deep conditioning treatment, new color, trim or new cut – take the guess work out of how to care for your unit and let a pro handle it. Be careful to select a stylist who is specifically experienced with wigs.


#7 The Instant Makeover

You’re headed to the office but you’re running late from the gym or you’ve been called into an unplanned meeting on your day off. These scenarios happen all the time, but with a wig they’re not a problem. Much like your little black dress, it’s always a great idea to have a wig on standby. We suggest having two wigs styled and ready to go because alternating between two wigs also preserves the life of your units!


#8 Product Makes Perfect

The right products will extend the life of your hair. If your wig is synthetic, use products specifically for that type of hair. For your human hair wigs use sulfate-free products or products meant for color treated hair to preserve the hair color and shine! One of our favorite sulfate free product lines is Organix: Moroccan Oil which is available in shampoo and conditioner!


#9 Quick Style

Sometimes there's no time to get to the stylist and you desperately need to switch up your look. Don't Worry! Check out our recent blog on fast and fabulous styling options when you're in a hurry.


#10 Hair Faux Paus

Here's our two-cents on how to pull off your absolute best look: ONE - Be mindful of your hairline, no one has a crescent shaped hairline in real life.TWO - Stay away from a style that is too bulky in the front. Otherwise, you may as well wear a shirt that says I'm wearing a wig. BONUS- Always go for a style or cut that is age appropriate. Have fun, but check in with a trusted friend if you're not sure about a length or color you're considering. The objective is to look natural!

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