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The A-List of Black Hair Style Trends & Our Favorite Quotes

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beyonce “My message behind this album was finding the beauty in imperfection”-Beyonce
nikki walton

Rest assured that the true impact of “Better Than Good Hair” will be felt for years to come in that many girls will grow up with more self-confidence than I did.”

– Nikki Walton

gabrielle union“It’s all about skin health. The most single important thing - I drink a gallon of water a day. It changed everything in my life.”

– Gabrielle Union

Lupita Nyongo“There is no shame in black beauty.”

– Lupita Nyong’o

jill scott“You know you already won, right? Please don’t look at someone else’s win and think yours is smaller. Each personal win is a WIN! “

–Jill Scott

nicole parker“I think Tracy Thoms, she said it best; It’s amazing that it’s considered revolutionary to wear my hair the way it grows out of my head. “

–Nicole Ari Parker

janelle monae“Just like a rumor can get carried on, so can inspiration! “

–Janelle Monae

rihanna“You can’t change who you are. It’s important for me to know who I am and work with that. “


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