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Synthetic is NOT a Four Letter Word!

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These days, most of us are scrambling for extra time to finish all the tasks that each day brings, and we are determined to figure out some kind of way to look good doing it. The expectation is to show up to class with class, even after waking up late because we chose to pursue activities that don’t include a chemistry book or laptop the night before. Tired or not, we all know there is a fashion statement to be made, so we must be fly at all times.

And while switching things up to find that right outfit is a breeze, when it comes to our hair, we can feel limited by the time it takes for maintenance and looking out for the health of our own hair. So why not reach for a trend-setting synthetic wig to compensate for the time you don’t have and to shake those limits off?

Don’t be fooled by the word “synthetic.” These units offer an affordable, yet chic hair option on the days that require you to balance time and style. It’s as easy as 1-2-3. Put it on, shake it out and you are out the door and on your way! Synthetic units will hold their shape and style as long as you care for them. And because they cost less, you won’t feel locked into one look. You can switch up without any guilt. The options abound and you can choose the texture, cut and color you like, eliminating the need to take your own hair through those mixes. And today’s synthetic wigs can look very close to real hair, which is an added plus.

But perhaps most importantly, synthetic units offer a protective option for your stressed tresses. Let your hair have a break from the pulling and tugging that comes along with tight ponytails and sleek flat-ironed looks. Synthetic units are a convenient way to always keep your hair on-point and get to explore various looks along way. And for natural girls who want a break from the curls, there simply is not an easier or healthier choice. Unlike sew-ins or micro-braids, these units allow you to easily get to your own hair and continue promoting length and health.

Do you prefer synthetic units? We would love to hear about your favorite look and why you love it so much. Drop us a line in the comments box below.

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