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Spring for Beauty Without Breaking the Bank

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So I wanted to look my absolute best this Spring/Summer and my prep started early! In the fall I made a huge investment in skin care products, purchased a laser hair removal package and joined the gym. All the right moves, right? NO! Well not ALL of them. The skin care products were too intense and it's taken me months to get my face back to normal. The spa continues to cancel my laser hair removal appointments because of overbooking, bad weather, equipment failure, etc. And I have been cheating on the gym with my couch. Sigh...heaven help! But I STILL have hope that I can get right in time for beach weather AND I've been doing my research on more cost effective ways that WE CAN ALL MAKE THAT HAPPEN!

I admit it, I can be a fad junkie. I jump on the latest fad and buy everything everyone is telling me to and typically within a few weeks I am over it. So I've FINALLY realized it's about making LITTLE CHANGES over time. Here are 5 easy and inexpensive steps to get ready for skin baring weather from head to toe!!

No. 3 Starting a Healthy Hair Regimen

Here's something easy that will greatly improve the state of your hair with no more effort that going to sleep. GET A SILK PILLOWCASE! I can't be trusted to wear a scarf every night and sometimes I don't want to. Now I never worry about it. $25 is an easy price to pay to save a step in my nightly routine indefinitely! As time goes on I've included a few other steps found here that have drastically improved my hair health.

No. 2 Putting Your Best Face Forward

Unfortunately I purhcased a lot of skin care products that I didn't really need. I want to save you from the same fate. At the end of the day, every face only needs 4 things: Cleanser, exfoliant, moisturizer and the ocassional hydrating masks. These items don't have to be expensive.

Step 1: Here's a great $6 gentle cleanser

Step 2: Make your own exfoliation treatment with the stuff you already have at home: Squeeze half a lemon onto 4 tablespoons of sea salt. Add a teaspoon of honey and you're all set!

Step 3: Need a moisturizer? Try 100% pure and organic oils. I promise it's not a trick. We always think of oil as being to0 heavy and all wrong for our skin but it can be the best thing ever if you choose the right one! Test it on your wrist for a day to be sure you won't have an allergic reaction.

VERY dry skin? Olive oil

Acne prone skin? Tea tree oil

Oily skin? Grapeseed oil

Scarred skin? Rose hip seed oil

Average skin? Argon oil

No. 1 Showcase Your Best Body

Step 1: WATER! If you aren't drinking a gallon of water a day, first of all, it's ok. You just need to start. Try placing a combination of thinly sliced cucumbers, lemons, mint leaves or berries in your water to keep it from tasting plain. Adding fake sugary artificial flavors won't do you any favors so skip them. Start your day with a glass of water. The first glass is typically the easiest because you can drink it with your daily vitamin, with breakfast or with your morning workout! Building up to a gallon a day will have DRAMATIC results on your overall health, skin and hair!

Step 2: Do buy cute gym clothes. I forgot I had purhcased a new workout set and it was perfect that it arrived on a day I just didn't have the energy to workout. However, seeing how cute I looked in it I was determined to show off!! :) So I actually made it to the gym because my outfit was colorful, cute and who doesn't look good in lycra with some SERIOUS hold? Try the clearance section of your favorite destination or stores like TJ Maxx, Target and Old Navy for SUPER GOOD DEALS!

Step 3: If the gym bores you or is too expensive - start walking! The weather is pretty glorious everywhere right about now and a daily walk can be a great mood booster. If you just need variety - checkout that gym or martial arts studio you've been passing everyday and ask for a free trial membership. If you love it, ask them to work with you on the monthly fees if they are too high. If it turns out to not be so fun, then start looking into your next free trial membership!

Wow even I am more excited about continuing on my journey after sharing all of those tips! I really would love to hear the steps that have worked for you in the comments section below! If you need even more budget friendly beauty tips you'll find them right here! If you want to try natural hair products that are all about hair health we've got you covered!

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