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Shopping for Full Lace Wigs

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Shopping for Full Lace Wigs

Big Wig Quiz:

****THE ANSWERS!****

So we hope you took yesterday’s quiz on shopping for a full lace wig! If not, no problem you can still take it here!

Below are the in depth answers to each question and we hope you’ll find this information useful the next time you shop for your full lace wig!

Answer to Question #1

Buying a full lace wig is a great decision. But it doesn’t stop there. There are other highly important factors and here is why option “C” was the best answer. You want to be sure you’re buying a cap size that will work with your head circumference for a snug fit. The texture of the hair refers to the curl or wave pattern as well as the way it feels. You want the texture to look AND feel amazing. Finally, sometimes things don’t always work out right. Whether its budget, disappointment or you just changed your mind; it’s great to know the return policy BEFORE you buy!

Answer to Question #2

A full lace cap provides the benefit of fine lace covering your cap for maximum styling opportunities. Bleached knots are definitely a benefit in addition to an all lace cap however, if your unit doesn’t come bleached, to perform this technique on your own could lead to shedding as the bleach can loosen the knots. To avoid the above consider buying a silk top where the knots are hidden under a layer of silk. How fab is that?! Even the keenest of eyes won’t be able to tell it’s a wig.

Answer to Question #3

The average full lace wig starts at $300+. Any add-ons like combs, clips, silk top, virgin hair, adjustable strap, or an increase in hair length can send the price soaring into the thousands depending on which company you buy from.

Answer to Question #4

Although non-custom virgin hair units are almost never made with anything but full lace caps, buying a full lace wig does not automatically mean the hair will be virgin. You’ll need to shop specifically for full lace virgin hair wigs if that is what you’re looking for.

Answer to Question #5

Full lace wigs do not always come with combs, clips or straps and you’ll want to be sure to confirm with that those options are either included or available when buying a full lace wig. There are other options to keep your unit secure that don’t involve the above or glue. For instance, a glueless full lace wig offers lace that contours and is reinforced to keep your unit in place without tape or glue.

Answer to Question #6

While celebrities galore wear wigs and extensions, that’s not the biggest benefit to wearing them. Full lace wigs have a higher price tag because of the cap type provides maximum styling flexibility and not necessarily because they have more hair than a lace front. Be sure to check the density and don’t assume that more money equals more hair.

Answer to Question #7

The average density for any human hair wig is between 100-110% which is considered medium density. This density is great for everyday wear and keep your head feeling light. Of course you can always go with a higher density for a higher price tag.

Answer to Question #8

This one may be a bit of a shocker to some, but long hair tangles. If a unit is tangling it may not be because the hair is of a poor quality. Tangling can come from the hair brushing up against your clothing, not being combed or brushed enough or the silicone coating may have worn off. Tangling can be managed by gently detangling after wearing it and keeping the hair well-conditioned and hydrated.

Answer to Question #9

The length of time your wig will last depends highly on care. Wigs worn daily, slept in and exposed to heat regularly are not going to last as long as wigs worn occasionally, never slept in and rarely if ever exposed to heat. When in doubt on how to best care for your wig, consult the company you made your purchase with.

Answer to Question #10

YouTube can be a phenomenally helpful tool. However, the next time you incorporate a YouTube video into your wig research, check the date on the video. Promotions, packaging, pricing and the product may have changed since the video was posted. And also consider that some details may have been left out and it’s always best to consult the company directly to verify what you saw online. If something isn’t directly endorsed by the company, it won’t likely be part of their guarantee.

Did you find this information useful? We want to take use your feedback to provide more helpful information in the future, so please leave your comments below! As always, thank you for reading.

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