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Managing Split Ends

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For both men and women with long hair, one of the most common issues they face is damage that occurs due to the heat of hair tools and by using the wrong type of products. From flat irons to washing your hair too frequently, it's easy for split ends to occur over time due to poor hair care habits. By adjusting your hair routine, you can easily reduce the occurrence of split ends and prevent them from occurring in the future.

Reduce the Use of Heat on Hair
From straightening to curling with hair dryers to curling wands, our society is use to styling the tresses with different types of heated tools. This puts up to 400 degrees of heat on our hair and can lead to breakage after just a few uses. Avoid using heat on the hair every day and opt for a name-brand heat protectant product that will seal the hair and protect it from damage. When using a hair dryer, put it on a cool setting, which may take longer to dry the hair completely, but will lead to less damage.

For those with hair extensions or full lace wigs, it's important to curl from the top of the hair and move downward with a wand as it will put less heat on the ends and prevent breakage. When styling the hair with a flat iron use a brush on the section of the hair that is about to be straightened to ensure that the strands are styled in the same direction.

Brushing the Hair
Many people do not realize that split ends often occur when wet hair is brushed, as there is tension put on the strands that can lead to breakage. It's important to use a wide tooth comb when detangling hair after bathing, which will easily separate the strands instead of tugging on them. Traditional brushes can be harsh on the hair and cause it to break when too many bristles are used.

Drying the Hair
Similarly, once out of the shower, it's important to draw the moisture out but reconsidering using your towel. It can be easy to scrub the hair with a towel for a faster way of removing moisture, but this easily causes split ends as the strands become distressed and more tangled with the harsh material.

After the hair naturally dries for 10 minutes, avoid using direct heat on the ends with a hair dryer because that can lead to split ends. Try drying the hair by starting at the roots and then working downward.

Frequent Trims
One of the most effective ways of combatting pesky split ends is to simply have the damaged ends cut off. This will prompt regrowth of the hair. After the split ends seem to be managed, you can regularly trim the hair every six to eight weeks to ensure that your ends stay healthy and are well-managed.

Keeping Moisture in the Ends
Because it's difficult for the hairs natural oils to be distributed evenly throughout the hair, it's important to keep your ends moisturized by using a deep conditioner on wet hair at least once a week. Allow the conditioner to settle and soak in for up to an hour before washing it out. This will work to strengthen the ends and allow them to stay healthy and protected throughout the week when they're styled.

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