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Let Your Wig Travel in Style

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From the living room to the boardroom, the modern woman is making moves that often require overnight trips away from home. But with little space for the necessities in carry-on bags, she might find herself wondering how to ensure her wig will look just as good on arrival as it did at the departure. We have some tips for you!

- When it comes to packing, pick up a few extra wig caps in case you snag or run one, and don’t forget your wig brush!

- Store your unit inside out to protect it from unnecessary friction and rubbing as well as dust and dirt that will weigh the hair down. Placing it in a large freezer bag will help seal out extra moisture and avoid dust. Even better, if room permits, is to carry your unit in a shoe box to prevent flattening. Either way, unpack your unit as soon as possible after your arrival.

- If you use a shoe box for storage, spray it first with static guard then stuff paper towels inside your unit to help maintain its shape. Roll the ends of the hair into the crown to prevent curls from flattening or straight hair from creases in odd places.

- Purchase a plastic stand that folds and fits into your luggage. Placing your wig on a stand will diminish the chances of pesky creases that make your unit fit awkwardly. This way you know for sure your unit is getting air to all sections, and you won’t have to worry about being stopped by the metal detectors if you go for plastic over metal.

- Be prepared to wash your wig, if needed. Before jetting off, stop by the drugstore and buy a few travel-size bottles so you can carry along smaller portions of your favorite wig shampoo and conditioner. These products may not be available where you are going, and taking a chance on new products while away from home is not worth the risk.

- To dry your wig and maintain its style when you don’t have a wig stand, turn it inside out and hang it from a hanger in the shower.

- Consider your destination and any particular needs it may demand. For instance, if you are going somewhere windy like the beach or Chicago, you might opt to bring along a scarf or large-brimmed hat to keep your unit snugly in place.

As you know, wigs are a great way to be sure you are looking good every day, and this certainly holds true when you are traveling. So during your next layover, take a moment to let us know if that information was helpful to you. You can also find more tips for the professional woman and check out other ways to preserve your wig! We would love to hear your thoughts, so leave us a message in the comments section.

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