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Is Buying a Wig Cheaper Than Seeing a Hairstylist?

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Ok, I’ll admit that the first time I looked into buying a wig I was frozen in sticker shock. I had no idea that you could spend hundreds of dollars on a lace wig. But after I did my version of competitive shopping: stalking a few lace wig websites, checking out YouTube reviews and hair forums, I realized that buying a wig could be a really good investment. Let’s take a look at how those trips to the stylist add up.

The Big Initial Appointment $200+

So it’s the start of spring, or summer or the day after some random award show and you just HAVE to switch up your hair to get it too look just like the celebrity you saw in a magazine or on TV. That is probably going to entail a haircut; color, relaxer or keratin treatment, shampoo and deep condition. A visit like that could set you back upwards of $200 and maybe more depending on how in-demand your stylist is. If this was all that was needed to look fabulous indefinitely, then by all means, this would be the cheaper route. HOWEVER there are a few more visit we need to include.

The Follow-up Appointment $75+

So 4-6 weeks have gone by and it’s time to get your hair trimmed, and get a touch up on your color or texture. This may not be an appointment that keeps you in the chair for long, but it will definitely put a dent in your wallet when you leave!

Healthy Hair v. Challenged Hair $35+

If you are coaxing your natural hair back to life, additional treatments may be necessary either in between or during your regular visits. You may require repeat repair treatments and/or deep conditioning sessions AND there’s no guarantee of when you’ll start to see results.

The Weekly Diva $200

I certainly have friends who head to their favorite stylist every weekend for a blow-out, deep condition or styling. If you’re one of these ladies, these costs can definitely add up quickly! Weekly visits at $50 each total 200 per month. Whew! Beauty sure has a high price tag.

Surprise! You’re Invited to a Special Occasion That Requires a Trip to the Salon $100

So you say you’re not a weekly diva and you have perfectly healthy hair so those aren’t expenses you need to add to your list. Well, in addition to your big initial appointment and follow-up, life can hand you special events that require more preparation than a little lipstick and a nice dress. This is especially true at the end of the year when you have parties, galas and festive work functions galore! The holiday season can be fun, fabulous and expensive.

Braids & Extensions $200+

So you’re not running to the salon to change your texture or color. You trim your own ends and you’ve found your own home remedy for deep conditioning. Well Bravo to you sister! But every 4-6 weeks you get your sew-in or braids. Well, $200 is a modest starting price. Either of these services, once you include the cost of the hair, you can be well on your way to $400 or more. Wow! I guess you do need to provide all other hair services for yourself at home.

Wigs are a Girl’s Best Friend $150

Just like me, I bet you have a whole new perspective on why wigs are priced as they are. They save you time and money and if properly cared for, your wig can last 6 months to a year, or even longer. I’ve also learned that it’s always a great idea to have a few that you can rotate, thus preserving the life of your wigs. With starting prices of $150, wigs are – dare I say it?! Affordable!! Did you find this list to be pretty accurate or way off? Share your hair cost stories with us in the comments below! 

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