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How Long Will My Lace Wig Last?

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Nearly everyone who purchases a lace wig wants to know how long it’s going to last. The answer to that depends on how you answer the questions below. If you’re not going to go with the optimal option, check out our tips to minimize any damage.

#1 Are you going to wear this wig daily?

Yes: Try not to use heat on the hair every day and be sure you remove the wig to wash it and your hair weekly. *Tip: Deep conditioning is a necessary treatment for hair that is constantly subject to styling and outdoor elements.

No: Great! Alternating your wigs is one of the best ways to preserve the life of each unit.

#2 Are you going to sleep in the wig?

Yes: Please take care to prepare your hair for bed just like you would your natural hair. *Tip: Wrap, roll or twist the hair (depending on your styling preference) and sleep with a silk cap to keep the hair from being dried out or breaking on a cotton pillowcase.

No: This is ideal unless you’re using a strong glue adhesive. Be cautious with the constant application and removal of these intense adhesives. You don’t want to damage your hairline or inhale too much of this strong product. Otherwise, it’s a great idea to let your head “breathe” every night.

#3 Are you going to wear the unit in its original state?

Yes: Perfect! One of the best ways to prolong the life of your unit is to wear it as it is meant to be worn. If you purchase a wavy unit, wear it in all its wavy glory and the same goes for curly units. The constant application of heat to make the hair straight is going change the wave and curl pattern and lead to dry hair.

No: If you want to wear one wig in multiple styles, consider twisting, wrapping or rolling the hair instead of using a heated styling tool to achieve those styles. *Tip: Start with a straight unit. For instance, soft yaki hair straightens and curls well. The curlier your unit is to begin with, the more difficult it will be (and the more damage you will do) to straighten it.

#4 Will you use products meant for wig hair (human or synthetic)?

Yes: Fantastic! Using a wig brush and sulfate free products are a great way to maintain your wig. We love Organix as well as the products that can be found on our Natural Hair Care page. Great hair does NOT need a lot of styling products. Keep the hair moisturized with a quality conditioner and use a heat protectant before using heated tools and you should be good to go!

No: Well ma’am, you’ve been warned! Using cheap hair care products will have the same effect on your wig as they do on your natural hair. They can be drying, ineffective or you may need to use a large amount to see minimal results. *Tip: To save money, try using homemade remedies as a deep conditioner or to revive an old wig. YouTube and natural hair car blogs are a goldmine of tips and information.

You know best that your hair is an investment. Let us know in the comment below what tips you’d like to see to ensure your investments lasts!

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