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Find a Hair Style That Flatters Your Face

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Have you ever found yourself admiring Halle Berry’s short yet trendy hairstyles, yet you are also drawn to Mariah Carey’s long, flowing curls? From length and cut to color and texture, most of us want what we don’t have. But why waste time envying how fierce others look when those moments could be better spent identifying and accentuating your own unique look? We suggest starting the process by narrowing down which styles look best by face shape. Keep reading for details on the 5 most common shapes:

Round faces

If you have a round face, your cheekbones are just the widest part of your face and your jaw will be curved. Think of a square face, but with softer angles.

Some people consider round faces most versatile for hairstyles. With this face, you will want to choose styles that give an illusion of a longer face so as to avoid the appearance of chubbiness. Choose styles with volume in the crown area to make your face look longer and avoid volume on the sides.


A person with a heart-shaped face will have a long and pointed jawline, with the chin being the smallest point of their face. Imagine a triangle flipped upside down on one point.

Heart-shaped faces can often be detected by their signature "widows peak" in the center of the hairline, and because these can be hard to tame, steer clear of attempting any down-the-middle-parts. Instead, choose a side part- or one that is slightly to one side- and looks with long layers to balance out the pointed chin and frame the face.


Those of you with oval faces will have a forehead that is just slightly wider than your chin – think of the shape of an egg if you placed it upside down. Your jawline will be a bit rounded and your face will be longer than it is wide.

Another versatile shape, super short cuts as well as chic bobs look great on this face. On the other hand, avoid really long lengths that will take over this shape face.

Square faces

If you have a square face, the sides of your face will be straight and your face will be nearly as wide as it is long. Your jawline is defined, with only a minimal curve.

Since the “hard” edges of the square face are most evident, choose looks that will soften the angles like waves and curls. As for length, medium is best.

Are you ready to find your best style? If you have an older wig that needs new life try these tips to cut the hair yourself! If you’re still in need of styling ideas, check out the A-list of trendy hairstyles! Sharing is caring – so feel free to share your thoughts on today’s blog in the comments section below.

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