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Easy Summer Hair

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Weather change always brings the desire to switch up your hair and why shouldn't it? Lace wigs are an easy option to make big or small changes with little effort. Summer is for fun and relaxation so take the fuss out of daily styling and let's take a look at a few hair trend setters for color, style and texture inspiration!

* * * * COLOR! COLOR! COLOR! * * * *


If you checked out our last blog, then you know all about the best color options by skin tone. You can rock bright red just like Rihanna without permanent color committment.


If ever there was a season to be daring with your hair color, summer is definitely it. Take a page from Nikki Minaj and be true blue!


Looking to steal Khloe K's ombre locks? Dark roots to blonde is flattering for every face!

* * * *STYLE GALORE! * * * *


The bobcut is absolutely perfect for every face shape! Wear it short, longer, symmetrical or assymetrical - you can't go wrong!


If you're looking for a bit of glamour, look no further! Kelly can always be counted on for high style hair. Long dark flowing tresses are beautiful for a day at the office, a night out with the girls or date night!


Beyonce has had many looks and we love her for her evolving style! Summer is definitely meant for wavy sexy hair and we think Bey nailed it!



Looking for something with a natural vibe? A short, sassy kinky curl can transform you! If you're looking for a protective style or thinking about going natural, take this look for a test drive and get ready for lots of compliments.


Ombre + big curls?! Winning! Of course you should make this look happen immediately!


And for our last hairspiration, Solange and her afro curl! This look screams individuality. Wear big, short, long or wide - the key is to make it your own.

If you loved this blog, let us know in the comments below and check out our other blogs for hairstyle tips!

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