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Do Lace Front Wigs Really Cause Forehead Cancer?

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You've probably read this question in hair forums and/or blogs. Perhaps you saw it on a subject line in a spam email. If so, what was your initial reaction? Did you believe it immediately or toss it aside as an internet myth? One of the things that initially struck me as odd was the idea of getting cancer specifically on your forehead. Wouldn't it just be called skin cancer? Well, I am happy to share what I discovered after days of trying to find scientific research that proved wearing lace front wigs do or can lead to forehead cancer.

Oooh, but that picture though…First things first – A quick Google search of this topic will lead you to several blogs and a couple of videos all repeating the same information. The only thing I found truly jarring was the photograph attached to most of these blogs of what appeared to be a man with a massive growth protruding from his forehead and the side of his face. We’re told it’s a woman, but just as I have serious doubts about the reliability of each of these sources, I have my doubts about the photos origins as well.

Medical Research: The only medical authority ever listed is Ronald DePinho who is described as a doctor or representative from the Cancer Center of America. Does a doctor by that name exist? It does seem so. Is he a cancer specialist? Yes he is. However, that’s where the support for the conspiracy ends. There is no representative or Dr. DePinho with the Cancer Center of America and no proof outside of opinion based blogs that the real DePinho ever made statements supporting the conclusion that frequent wear of lace wigs will lead to cancer.

Who cares if it’s fiction? When I see a sensationalized topic, I look for references or similar information on reputable news outlets and I’d encourage all of you readers to do the same. None of these blogs provided references for the medical research or studies that proved this new cancer discovery. Grabbing a reader’s attention is always an objective but to do so with a false story is highly unethical.

Safety First: While it doesn't seem you need to be concerned with the fear of cancer from wearing lace front wigs, you should consider other real risks from beauty treatments. If you decide to secure your lace front wig with glue, consider leaving it on for a short period of time and letting your head breathe for a few days to weeks between applications. Adhesives due contain chemicals and while they are not a serious risk with temporary usage, it’s important to also note that anytime chemicals are involved, there are going to be risks. Most of us understand the risks that come along with perming, bleaching and or coloring our hair so it’s always the best idea to seek a trusted and experienced hairstylist to minimize negative effects. Seek a stylist to apply your wig for the first time or until you feel comfortable doing it yourself. You don’t want to overuse adhesives and you should always be in a well-ventilated area when applying the glue. Enhancing your beauty should never come at the risk of personal health and safety.

Did this blog touch a nerve? We always look forward to hearing from our readers so please share your opinions in the comments section below. 

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