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All About the V Word: What is Virgin Hair and What Makes it So Great?

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I often hear clients talk about virgin hair and human hair as if they are the same thing. A human hair unit can absolutely be 100% human without being virgin hair. Let’s jump into the differences for those who are new to wigs and then I’ll address what makes virgin hair the gold medal of human hair wigs.

What is a human hair wig?

Human hair wigs are just that, they are made from human hair and are typically cut in India and China. Human hair wigs are soft and manageable and offer amazing versatility with styling. These wigs can be styled with flat irons, curling irons or with rollers just like your original hair. Here are 3 things to keep in mind when purchasing a human hair wig:

  1. Watch that heat! If you’re purchasing a curly or wavy unit, don’t fry all that beautiful texture out with a flat iron so that you can wear it straight. Heat is drying so do your wig a favor and buy a straight unit as well and use a low to moderate heat every time.
  2. Act Like You Care! You’ve just received your new wig and it’s gorgeous and you couldn’t be happier. Keep the love flowing and be good to her. Wash and condition with quality products and gentle hands. Watch the heat and start at the root when you brush your hair. It is possible to rip the hair out if you brush too harshly.
  3. It’s Human Hair not Bionic Hair! I know your wig is human hair and human hair can be colored, dyed, permed, relaxed, bleached, etc. However ladies – If you’re not buying VIRGIN hair, then your wig has been chemically processed. It takes more than magic to get your wig to the desired texture, feel and color that you want. What’s the difference between silky straight hair and kinky straight hair? Chemicals! Just like your original hair, if you relax it, then add color any other changes you make involving chemicals may or may not have the end result you’re looking for. But this is where the conversation about virgin hair begins…

What is a Virgin Hair Wig?

So glad you asked! Here are the amazing perks of virgin hair:

  1. The hair is cut with cuticles intact & all the hair remains in the same direction. What does this mean? It means the hair is all flowing in the same direction and is less likely to tangle and easier to manage.
  2. The hair has not been chemically processed. This hair will be a natural brown color and the texture will not be altered. The benefit is you can color the hair without worry of causing damage from multiple exposures to chemicals.
  3. Its origins are exotic. You can purchase hair with origins from several different countries: Brazil, Malaysia, China…the list is long! The benefits of this are you can select Chinese hair which is naturally bone straight or Brazilian hair which typically has a higher density than most and a natural wave pattern.
  4. High Quality Hair = High Quality Cap. All this fabulous virgin hair is almost always going to be sold with a full lace and/or silk top cap. A full lace cap gives you the appearance of hair growing from the scalp all over your wig. You can part the hair anywhere and never be afraid that a track or weft will appear and stop the music. As an added benefit, if you decide to go with a silk top cap, the hair knots will be hidden under the layer of silk and not even the closest, nosiest eye will be able to tell that you’re wearing a wig!

If you are an experienced wearer of wigs and you take great care of your hair, then maybe it’s time to graduate to a virgin unit. This hair will be as good to you as you are to it. If you’re already wearing virgin hair, which type of hair do you enjoy the most? Brazilian? Malaysian? Tell us about your experience with this hair type in the comments section below! You can also shop now for Virgin hair wigs by clicking here.

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