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A Heated Issue: How Much is too Much For My Hair?

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I love a good silky straight look as much as the next girl, but if when you walk into a room people start to panic because they smell smoke (true story) – back away from the flat iron and the blow dryer and take notes!

1. Use Protection

It is critically important that if you ARE going to subject your hair to heat, protect it first! Use a heat protecting styling product before you blow dry or use a heated styling tool on your hair. This will not protect your hair from ALL damage but it will reduce some of the challenges you'd face from having over fried hair later.

2. Heat Frequency

Consider alternating the types of heat you use and how often you use them. If you're blow drying your hair straight then consider alternative styling in lieu of flat ironing. If you'd rather flat iron your hair, then consider letting it air dry. You don't want to subject your hair to multiple forms of heat multiple times a week. Heat styling once weekly can keep your

3. Alternative Methods

There are so many ways to achieve fabulous hairstyles that many of us did not have as kids. Aside from the expected roller set or wrap you also have protective styling! I hope it's clearly understood that straight hair does not equal beautiful hair. Beautiful hair comes in all colors, lengths, coils, curls and waves! Straightening your hair is simply another way to switch up your look but it shouldn't come at the cost of your hair health. Try twisting, braiding, adding extensions or wearing a wig: These are all simply tools in styling expression in the interest of preserving your natural beauty!

4. Go Deep, Girl!

We all know the intense trauma we can cause to our locks with curling, flat ironing and blow drying. However, our hair is also subject to damage from the elements; like the sun, wind and pollution. To protect your hair, you should definitely be deep conditioning once a month and potentially more often depending on the amount of damage you subject your hair to. If your hair is also dyed or relaxed you may need a weekly deep conditioning treatment.

5. The "Other" One

Is your hair curly? Are you using styling products with alcohol in them? Sometimes we place the blame for our damaged locks at the feet of heat when there are other culprits. Naturally curly hair tends to be drier than other hair types. We have to be mindful of the styling products we use on a regular basis and not use alcohol based creams or drying gels.

Still can't live without your straight tresses? It may be a good idea to make a weekly visit to your stylist and spend the rest of the week maintaining the look, heat free! If you've been going to the same stylist for a while, don't be afraid to ask for special pricing in exchange for your regular visits. And be sure your stylist understands your overall hair goals and is helping to keep or get your hair to a healthy state. As always, we hope you've found these insights helpful. What heat free styling methods have you found to work best for you? Please share as we always love sharing and receiving useful information!

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