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12 Beauty Tips on a Student Budget

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Beauty doesn't have to break the bank. I live for a great deal but what if you could spend little to no money on your beauty routine?! Here are a few tips to saving big regardless of the amount of your budget.

Free Beauty Routine

Tip #1 Thinking of skincare, one highly disregarded tip is to wash your pillow case often. Considering all that you may spend on anti-breakout cleansers and creams, one thing that may be the biggest culprit behind your blemishes is a dirty pillow case. And that won’t cost you anything extra!

Tip #2 Try using olive oil as your lip moisturizer before bed and first thing in the morning. It works much better than Chapstick and you've likely got it in your pantry to cook with or in your bathroom cabinet to oil your scalp!

Tip #3 Reduce that puffiness around your eyes with a cold compress made from ice cubes and a washcloth. Bonus tip! Splash your face as many times as you can with ice cold water first thing in the morning. It will reduce puffiness and your skin will definitely feel tighter.

Free Hair Routine

Tip #4 YouTube and hair blogs are your friend. Consider styling your own hair in a new way using a great new tutorial!

Tip #5 Revive an old human hair wig with a bleach bath! If you’ve never tried it before there are many tutorials online with videos to guide you step by step. When you’re short on money and need a new look in a hurry, this is a tried and true refresher.

Tip #6 Consider a trade for trade! If you’re an amazing photographer, programmer, writer, singer, etc…consider trading your services with another student, professional or friend that’s great with hair.

Cheap Beauty Routine

Tip #7 Witch Hazel makes a fantastic astringent and with a typical price tag of $5 or less, you can’t go wrong.

Tip #8 Lipstick can double as a cream blush! Even if this isn’t for you on a daily basis, it will definitely help you in a pinch when you can’t take your entire makeup bag with you.

Tip #9 A weekly body scrub is an absolute must to keep your skin super smooth. A great and inexpensive way to slough that dead skin off is with olive oil and sugar. Combine the two ingredients in a glass jar and an optional addition would be to add a few drops of your favorite essential oil for fragrance. Mix it up and scrub a dub dub!

Cheap Hair Routine

Tip #10 Before you dismiss the idea, take a good hard look at synthetic wigs. They’ve come a very long way from the shiny plastic looking Barbie hair of the 80’s and 90’s. Futura Fiber is heat resistant so you can use your heated styling tools to personalize your look. And the best part? You can easily find a synthetic unit for under $45!

Tip #11 Consider getting your haircut at a barber shop. You’d be surprised at the skills your barber has at doing a quick trim and shaping up your hair. And the price tag will surely be the lower than your regular stylist.

Tip #12 Loyalty pays! Many of your favorite hair companies offer membership programs that will provide exclusive discounts if you join. Sign up for the company mailing list or join their club to ensure you always get the best price!

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