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10 Budget Beauty Friendly Tips

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10 Budget Beauty Friendly Tips

1. There’s no place like home. When is the last time you decided to clean out your own closet? Though it may require a bit of sorting and sifting, it’s always totally worth it when you rediscover pieces from a year or two ago that have come back around for the current season. Repurpose those pieces with a new accessory this year and send the rest to the Goodwill.

2. Do it for a dollar. From oatmeal soap to poppin nail polishes and lavender bath salts, today’s dollar stores offer a double treat of a great selection at guiltless prices. Known for staples like mouthwash and hand sanitizer, dollar stores also carry a great selection of cool hair accessories and hair care products. And the best part (gasp) everything only costs a dollar!

3. Go back to school. Well, beauty school, that is. This is where you can get a one-hour Swedish massage for $25 or a mini-facial for $10. Because the students are training and must complete a set number of supervised hours as part their curriculum, you can find services at a fraction of normal prices to help you look good and feel good too.

4. Get inspired. Find ideas on Instagram, in your favorite magazine, or by slowing down to simply people watch. Snap a pic or save a page and go searching for a cheaper version!

5. Wig out. When you are looking for a great option to spice up the mix of your same-old standard look, consider an edgy-cut synthetic wig to give you the pep you need. This low-cost option will also offer low maintenance and versatility with minimal effort. So, get your alter ego on without breaking the bank.

6. Find a friend. It may sound a little juvenile, but in this case, sharing really is caring! Most of us find our friends just as fabulous as we find ourselves, so why not expand your options by accessing their closets. Go a step further and invite a small group of girls over for a “switch and swap” event and throw in cocktails and appetizers for kicks.

7. Shop the sale racks. To save a buck or two, bypass altogether the newest merchandise at the front of the store and go straight for the sales tucked away in the back. Decide beforehand that you will not purchase anything at full price.

8. Use online coupon sites. Gone are the days of combing through newspapers and sales flyers in search of a discount-to-go. These days most of us are only a Google search and click away from an additional percentage off. Most major retailers offer online versions of their coupons on their sites but don’t forget about discount app’s for local deals as well!

9. Be patient. The prize really isn’t given to the swift but to those who don’t quit. If you find an item that you feel you simply can’t live without, try searching for it online. Place it in your basket, and check in on it for the next week or so. You’ll be surprised how prices fluctuate, and you may even find a bonus discount running the day your item has gone down. Just be careful not to wait too long; when they say “only 1 remaining,” it’s not a joke!

10. Get thrifty with it. Coming full circle from your closet binge, when you drop off your donations (or sell them to a place like Plato’s Closet), take a look around. Thrifting in high-end neighborhoods is a great place to start because the items from the floor typically come from the same neighborhood. Shop with a non-profit thrift store and the best part might just be realizing that your purchases won’t only make your pocket feel good, but your shopping is contributing to the greater good.

What helps you stay on budget without sacrificing your beauty routine? Share your tips in the comments below and we may feature you on our Facebook page!

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